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Wichita Poster 24x36 04A-title & credits



French-Canadian director, Sergine Dumais is best known for her work in Quebec musical theater and as a voice actress and director in Los Angeles. A graduate of AMDA in New York, she currently lives in Los Angeles, where she has directed the French language dubs of over 20 feature films as well as lending her own voice to many Hollywood stars, including Diane Keaton and Salma Hayek. Wichita is her first film.



How fast would you run to hide your affair?

Writer / Producer


Bo Price is from Wichita, Kansas.  He has written and produced many award winning short films, including  Primitive Technology, Time and Love and The Bootlegger.  He is currently adapting Wichita into a feature.



6 minutes.

World Premiere

Coming soon! Details to follow.

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